Adjustable Aerobic Stepper Options that are both Functional and Affordable.

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Want more options for your at home workouts? Try an adjustable aerobic stepper. These functional, easy to use steps are perfect for fitness enthusiasts at any level.

What is an Adjustable Aerobic Stepper?

If you’re looking for more information about these, you’re probably already familiar with the basic stepper.

If you’re not familiar, this equipment is essentially an exercise platform. You put it on the floor, and you can use it for all sort of exercises. They tend to be rectangular and made of plastic, although there are other shapes and materials to choose from.

The purpose of these is mainly for aerobic workouts, which involve stepping on and off the platform. However, there’s a ton of other exercises you can do.

And that’s just the basics.

There are also many different types of adjusting steps, which can make things a bit confusing.

For adjusting steps in particular, there are two main types:

  • Height Adjustments
  • Function Adjustments

Both still function as a cardio step, however adjusting them also gives you access to other types of exercise.

Here’s what you need to know about both types:

Height Adjustments

The most common sort of adjustment you can make to a step is the height.

This is done by adding risers, or feet, to the bottom. Typically, steppers come with at least two sets of risers, although some sets come with three or four.

With risers, the height of the step can range from around four inches, to as tall as eight inches. Although, there are shorter and taller options. There are even steps that allow you to buy the risers separately. That means you can make the platform as tall as you want.


There are also steps that allow you to use the risers independently, as an alternative to fitness boxes. You can stack them on their own to create a mini platform that’s useful for plyometric workouts and similar activities.

Function Adjustments

Another adjustment option actually raises the platform itself. Options like these are designed to convert from a typical exercise step, into a workout bench.

They do this by allowing you to raise part of the platform, or deck. By lifting just one portion of the deck, you create what is essentially the back of a chair. The remaining flat portion of the deck then becomes the seat.

They also tend to have taller options for risers. This allows you to sit comfortably when using it as a bench.

However, they still come with all the necessary parts to use them as exercise steps. You can use them for typical stepping workouts, and then convert them into a bench for weights.

Here’s a demonstration of one product option, so you can get an idea of how they work:

It’s a really convenient option if you have a lot of different exercises you like to do at home. And it saves you the trouble of buying specific equipment for each type of workout.

What’s the Purpose of Adjusting the Height?

Knowing that your step can adjust doesn’t mean you know what to do with it.

The main purpose for having a higher step is that it allows you to change the intensity of your workout. Your body has to work harder to reach a six-inch platform than it would for a four-inch platform. That means more return on your regular workout.

You can also use higher platforms for certain calisthenic or plyometric exercises. Six inches is a good minimum for these sort of activities, and most adjusting steps will reach that height.

A higher platform is also useful if you plan on using your step as a fitness bench.

Even without purchasing additional risers, platforms work well as benches. These can be used to increase the intensity of certain calisthenic exercises, like abdominal moves. You can also use them for a few weight exercises, like chest presses.

Of course, you can expand the types of weight exercises you can do by purchasing a more functional step. Options that adjust into a seat allow for a wider range of weight exercises, including those for arms and legs.

What are the Benefits of Adjusting Steps?

The main benefit of these is that they give you access to a more diverse set of workouts. Essentially, the step can be used as three different types of equipment. That saves you the trouble of having to purchase a full gym set-up.

Instead, you just need the one item. In a small area, with a single step, you can do cardio, circuits, weights, plyometrics, or any number of exercises.

That’s why they’re ideal for anyone who prefers to work out at home. Especially for people lacking the funds and space to really commit to a full home gym.

It’s also great for beginners, since it allows you to test a variety of workouts, to see which ones are preferable. (Cardio stepping, in particular, is a great option for people who are just getting started on their fitness journey.)

Overall, steps are both functional and convenient. And since you can get quality options at affordable prices, there’s no reason not to try one out.

Great Step Options

If you’re looking to get into steps you can adjust, here are some great options.

And if you find that these price points are not for you, check out our article on affordable options. There are options that you can get for less than thirty dollars, which is great for smaller budgets.

Aerobic Gym Step Option

HomGarden 43


Check Price at

This option is the typical one that you would see available at gyms or in step classes. It’s got a large platform, with two sets of risers you can use to change the height.

It also has some nice additional features, like the anti-slip material on the platform and feet.

Having it on the bottom of the feet is especially helpful for at home workouts. If you’re exercising on smooth or delicate surfaces, it can help keep you safe, and also protect the flooring.

And having the softer surface on top is good if you plan on using it as a bench. It’s a lot more comfortable than resting your back or hands on textured plastic.

Exercise Step Bench with Adjustable Legs and Platform

Yes4All Multifunctional Fitness Aerobic Step Platform/Aerobic Deck, Household Step Workout Bench for Home Gym (Green/Black), B. Green/Black


Check Price at

This is probably the most multi-functional option available. In converts to a considerable number of forms, including a seat and an inclined deck.

(To see this in action, you can check the demonstration video embedded above. It’s not the same model, but they have similar functionality.)

It even has a little storage space underneath the deck, which is perfect for small items like hand weights.

The main downside to this option is that the lowest height setting is eight inches. That’s fairly tall if you plan on using it as a cardio step. Of course, you can still do cardio routines at that height, just plan for them to be more intense than you might expect.

However, this is the perfect option if you want something that can assist in a wide range of workouts. If you plan on using your step for a lot of different activities, consider this option.

Functional and Affordable Workout Equipment

Maximize your workouts at any location with steps. They work for a wide range of exercises, and yet they’re super accessible.

They’re easy to use, even for beginners, since there’s no set-up required. They’re also super affordable; even on a tight budget, you can get gym quality equipment.

Better yet, they’re easy to store. That means even in an apartment, you can do at-home workouts.

So if you’re looking for some functional exercise equipment to invest it, try an adjustable aerobic stepper.

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