Aerobic Step Exercises for any Stage in Your Fitness Journey

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If you’re new to steppers and need workout inspiration, check out these aerobic step exercises. They’re a great way to introduce some new and fun challenges to your routine!

Great Aerobic Step Exercises for Any Workout

One of the great, but daunting things about steppers, is that they come with so many options. Because this type of equipment is so versatile, there’s no end to the different workouts you can do.

The downside to that, is that it can be difficult to know where to start.

Here’s a breakdown of the main ways you can use a stepper in your fitness journey:

Beginner Workouts

The key for beginner workouts is to find ones that have easy routines, and aren’t as intense. They don’t have to be short, but it often helps to find ones that are around ten or twenty minutes. For more ideas you can check out our beginner stepper guide.

Intermediate/ Advanced Workouts

For fitness fans or people who are familiar with aerobic stepper, a more advanced workout is in order. There are tons of excellent, high intensity workouts that you can choose from. Here are just a few that are available for free:

Whole Body/ Targeted Workouts

One of the great things about steppers is that you can build muscle while getting in your cardio. To that end, whole body or target workouts are a must. They focus on movements that can double as reps. That way you’re working your arms, abs, legs, back, or whatever muscles you want to focus on.

Dance/ Hip Hop Workouts

Doing dance or hip hop step aerobics is a great way to make cardio a bit more fun. These routines tend to be energetic and intense, so be prepared to sweat! Due to the fluidity of the movement, they also have the benefit of being low-impact. So if your focus is more on cardio, these are a great option.

Hip-hop is the most popular music for this type of workout, with tons of great options. Most videos for this type of dance workout are also filmed as class styles workouts. So if you’re feeling a little lonely with just you and the instructor, these videos can help.

Another great dance style option is to go with Zumba aerobic stepper workouts. These are modeled after that other popular aerobics trend, Zumba, just with the addition of a stepper.

Calisthenic/ Plyometric Workouts

If you want to tone up, calisthenics are a must.

These exercises mainly use body weight, so they don’t require any sort of equipment. In the case of a stepper, you’re mainly using the stepper to increase the difficulty, or add in a cardio element.

Plyometrics have a similar philosophy. They’re another popular way to tone up while using a fitness box or stepper.


Another way to use your stepper is to treat it like a bench. This gives you the ability to do weight training, at home. It’s an especially popular option for things like chest and arm workouts.

You can do weight training with a traditional stepper, although having an adjustable one is best for this. A basic one with risers is an excellent, affordable choice.

If you have more room in your budget, you can also go for options that are made with this purpose in mind. They sit higher, and the platforms can fold up into a seat.

Regardless, a stepper can help make traditional gym workouts accessible even at home.

Benefits of Stepper Workouts

For a relatively simple piece of equipment, there are a surprising amount of benefits you can get from steppers. These benefits aren’t mild either. They can genuinely impact what you get out of your workouts, and whether or not you enjoy them.

If you’re interested in the many benefits of steppers, here are some of the main ones:

They Provide Intense Cardio

One of the best benefits of this equipment is that it allows you to do high intensity cardio at home.

That means you don’t have to go to the gym, or outside in your neighborhood to get your cardio in. You can just lay out your stepper and do your cardio right in front of your TV, or any other spot in your home.

This makes it the perfect alternative if you really hate working out in public. It also works great for those instances when weather, time, or other factors are constraints on your usual routine.

They also provide a way to get more out of your cardio. Doing intense aerobic activity is great on its own, but a lot of workouts for steppers incorporate more than just your heart and lungs.

For many workouts, you’re also building muscle in your arms and legs as you exercise. You can even find options that target specific muscles like glutes.

This makes stepper aerobics an effective workout, with the potential for much more than just cardio.

They’re Low Impact

Another benefit of working out on steppers is that they’re low impact.

Low impact basically means that the exercise doesn’t put strain on key joints, like your ankles or knees. Workouts in this category focus on smooth movements that don’t require any sort of impact on hard surfaces.

It can be difficult to find cardio that fits that description. So often, good cardio involves running, jumping, and other activities that are hard on joints. These activities also tend to be done on surfaces like asphalt and concrete, which certainly doesn’t help.

Steppers, on the other hand, eliminate a lot of these problems. With these, you’re stepping on plastic, not rock-solid surfaces. And while you’re still using all your joints, you’re not forcing them to react to harsh movements

In fact, for many stepper routines, the movement is more akin to speed walking than it is running. This means that you can be gentle to your joints, while still getting your blood pumping.

Most stepper routines are naturally going to be low-impact. However, you can further modify them by avoiding any jumping or lunging moves. For anything that will aggravate your joints, replace it with a more comfortable move.

Additionally, there are plenty of routines that are specifically labeled as being low impact.

Overall, steppers are a great way to protect your body while still getting a high intensity workout.

They’re Versatile

One surprising benefit of this type of equipment is that it can be used for more than just aerobics. There are actually a number of different activities you can do.

As you can see from the list above, you can use them for far more than just cardio. One popular option is to use them for calisthenics. You can also use them as weight lifting benches.

Standard options work well for both activities. However, there are also plenty of different types of steppers.

You can get plyometric boxes, if you want to focus on calisthenics. You can also get adjustable steppers if you want to get more from your equipment.

The choice is really up to you.

Regardless, steppers are a great option to maximize your home workouts. With one purchase, you can open up a number of different workouts. And since they’re easy to store and use at home, there’s really no reason not to workout!

How to Find the Right Stepper

If you’re interested in using this equipment, but don’t already own one, don’t worry. Finding a quality stepper at a fair price isn’t difficult.

Here are some great options:

14 Inch Aerobic Step

HomGarden Adjustable Aerobic Stepper Workout Step w/ 4 Risers Fitness & Exercise Platform Trainer Stepper (28.5'' Gray)


Check Price at

This is a pretty typical stepper, done in the classic beveled style you see at gyms.

It’s a good option for different types of workouts, since the platform is fairly wide. It also comes with two sets of risers, allowing for three different height options

Overall, this option is a good choice for cardio and certain plyometric moves.

Large Aerobic Step

Best Choice Products 30in Height-Adjustable Aerobic Step Platform Exercise Accessory w/ 3 Levels, Non-Slip Surface

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This option is another one that works well for different workouts. Like the previous one, it comes with two sets of risers, so you have lots of height options.

But whereas the previous one is wide; this one is long. Since it’s long and narrow, this option is ideal if you want to use it as a weight bench. It’s also good for calisthenic exercises.

Finding Your Best Fitness Routine

One difficult aspect of regular workouts is that they tend to get boring. If you’re doing the same general things, week in and week out, you can hit a motivational slump. It’s also a good way to plateau in your fitness, rather than continuing to grow.

As such, it’s always a good time to expand your repertoire. There are plenty of great workouts you can do at home, without the need for expensive or complicated equipment.

Steppers are just one option for opening up a whole new routine. They offer a ton of great options, just within the cardio category.

They’re also super versatile. In addition to cardio, they can also work for calisthenic, plyometric, and weight lifting routines.

If you haven’t already, try some aerobic step exercises and add something new and fresh to your fitness.

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