Cheap Aerobic Step Options for Any Budget

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Want to get fit but haven’t got the funds? These cheap aerobic step options are the perfect way to get versatile, functional exercise equipment for less.

If you’re on a tight budget, building up your collection of workout equipment can seem impossible. Most equipment isn’t cheap, and depending on how you like to work out, you’ll need more than one item.

Thankfully, there are options like steppers, which can be used for a variety of workouts, and don’t cost that much.

Here are some great stepper choices below:

Cheap Exercise Step Options Under Thirty Dollars

For anyone who really wants to prioritize saving, check out these options. They’re perfect for anyone who wants all the benefits of a quality step, without the price.

They’re also a better option for anyone who is new to step workouts. At this price point, it’s not as regrettable if you find that you don’t enjoy them. And if it turns out you love them, you can always go for a more expensive option later.

Plastic Exercise Step Option

The Step - Adjustable Aerobic Step Platform for Cardio and Strength Training

Check Price at

This adjustable option is pretty compact, and the additional risers can be stored underneath the deck. If you want an option that’s easy to store and travel with, this one is worth considering.

Quality Features Option

JAXPETY New 27'' Fitness Aerobic Step Adjust 4

Check Price at

This option is among the cheapest, but it’s got some quality features. It supports a good amount of weight, which means it’s sturdy. It’s also got the anti-slip pads on the risers, which is a helpful addition if you’re working out at home.

These can help keep you safe by keeping the platform secure on smoother surfaces. They also help protect your floors from scratching, etc.

Color Coordinated Option

Tone Fitness Aerobic Step, Pink | Exercise Step Platform

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This one has many of the same features as the previous two. It’s easy to store, and it’s also got anti-slip pads on the risers.

The main difference is that this one is a colorful option. It’s got two different colors on the risers, which isn’t really necessary, but it does look cool.

Steppers Under Forty Dollars

If none of the above options was right for you, try these alternatives. They cost more, but they’re still affordable.

Here are some other options you can choose from:

Long Aerobic Step Option

HomGarden 31

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This option is similar to the previous ones, with two important distinctions.

Firstly, it’s got a longer platform. Secondly, it’s got two sets of risers, which allows you to make three different height adjustments. (The previous options listed only allows for two.)

This makes it a better option for anyone who wants to use the platform for calisthenics or weights too.

Classic Gym Option

The Step Original Aerobic Platform – Circuit Size, 2 Risers

Check Price at

This option is a more traditional style, with the beveled edge and flat risers. This is more like what you would see in gyms or in cardio classes.

That said, there’s not that much benefit to this one over the other options. The main difference is that the platform is a bit wider. That makes it a little easier to use for cardio and plyometric exercises.

Why Steppers are Ideal for Home Workouts

Steppers tend to be overlooked when it comes to home gyms. They’re thought of as bulky, and only being good for cardio.

That’s hardly the case though. There’s actually a number of ways to use steppers, and they’re also easy to keep and use at home. That makes them perfect for anyone, at any fitness level. Even beginners!

If you’re looking at maximizing your home workouts, here are just some of the ways steppers can help:

They’re Versatile

Steppers are an incredibly versatile piece of equipment.

Of course, the exercises that everyone most commonly associates with these items is cardio. But even that is a simplification. More specifically, steppers are ideal if you want a way to low-impact, high intensity cardio indoors.

It’s actually difficult to find workouts that fit all of those requirements. Too often, workouts are either high intensity, or low impact. Not both. And finding one that’s easy to do in a small space is also difficult.

So even for cardio, steppers are already exceptional. But cardio isn’t even the only way you can use this equipment.

They can also be used for weight training, calisthenics, circuits, and plyometrics. That’s because you can use them to replace fitness boxes and weight benches for certain exercises. Because of their shape, they can serve the same function as these items.

As a result, steppers allow you to expand your workout. You can go from cardio, to an ab routine, to jump squats, and then right into chest presses. Or you can just use it to help with your typical workout routine. Regardless, there’s a ton of great exercises that you can do with steppers.

Overall, steppers are versatile and allow you maximize even a small workout space.

They’re Easy to Manage

On a practical level, steppers are great because of how easy they are to manage.

For one, storage with this equipment is easy.

Steppers are certainly large, usually stretching two feet long and over a foot wide. But their shape makes them easy to place anywhere. You can stand them up against a closet, slide them under a bed, or just let them lean against a wall.

Some adjustable options even come with built in storage, under the deck. You can use the space for storing things like hand weights, ankle weights, and resistance bands.

They’re much more manageable than a proper weight bench, or an exercise machine.

Steppers are also really easy to set up. When you take them out from storage, all you need to do is lay them on the floor. With that, you’re ready to workout. There’s no fussing with extra parts, or a complicated unfolding process.

A stepper is ready to workout whenever you are.

Building Your Indoor Workout Space

Working out at home doesn’t have to be a complicated, expensive process. In fact, with the right purchases, you can create a home gym on a modest budget, in a small space.

The key is to go for items that are multi-functional. You want to get equipment like steppers, that are versatile and easy to store. From there, you can build up your collection with smaller items, like hand weights, kettle bells, etc.

So check out a cheap aerobic step and maximize your indoor workout space.

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