Reebok Aerobic Stepper Guide

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Get more out of your workout with a Reebok aerobic stepper. These options don’t just have a good name, they’ve got great features to back it up.

Main Options

Reebok aerobic steps don’t just come in one variety. There are actually a few different options. Each comes with its own particular benefits, targeted for specific types of workouts.

To learn more, check out each of the options below:

Reebok Aerobic Stepper

Reebok RSP-16150 Home Gym Exercise Equipment Non Slip Rubber Height Adjustable Aerobic Step Workout Platform

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This option should be familiar to anyone who enjoys steppers. It’s the classic style, with a long deck and risers, that’s perfect for beginners and veterans alike.

An option like this one is perfect if you want something easy and versatile. It’s going to work great for cardio, including fun dance stepper routines, and HIIT workouts.

It also works well for a variety of callisthenic activities. And you can even use it as a weight bench, for exercises like chest presses.

One thing that sets this option apart though, is the type of risers it has. Most steppers come with different sets of risers. That way, you can add more height by stacking them beneath the platform.

The risers on this option are a little different.

With these, you increase and lower the height by rotating them. Locking them in a different position is what gives you a different height.

It can look a little confusing at first, but it’s a convenient feature. It allows for more portability, and it makes it easier to switch between heights during a single workout. Storage is also simplified, since you’re only keeping track of one set of risers.

And it even makes it easier to give the deck an incline!

Of course, the feet alone are not necessarily a reason to pay almost twice the price of a cheaper option.

With that in mind, if you don’t want this particular option, there are plenty of others to choose from. They all have similar features as well, although the risers may be different.

However, if you’re set on this brand, this option is a great choice for a wide variety of workouts.

Reebok Step Bench

Reebok Mini Step


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This smaller option is a better one if you’re focused more on calisthenics or plyometrics.

It’s just the right size to double as a fitness box, just at a more affordable cost.

It’s also super portable. Without the risers to worry about, you can just pick it up and go. It doesn’t take up that much room either, so it’s easy to put in a car or just carry around.

Another good feature is the addition of small cutouts in the middle of the feet. These simple holes are actually there to aid with a totally different piece of equipment: resistance bands.

With this option, you can position the resistance band under the feet. The hole keeps it secure, allowing you to do a variety of different exercises. It’s a unique feature that’s perfect for anyone looking to add resistance bands into their regular workouts.

The downsides to this option are that it’s not as functional. It doesn’t come with risers, so you’re stuck with the one height. The smaller deck also limits what sort of weight lifting and cardio exercises you can do comfortably.

But those downsides really only matter if you’re looking for something that provides range. If you tend to focus more on calisthenics or plyometrics at home, then this option is still great.

Reebok Fitness Step

Reebok Professional Aerobic Deck - Black

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This option is the most expensive one on the list, and for good reason: it’s the most versatile.

Like the first option, this one comes with risers to adjust the height. But that’s not the only possible adjustment. You can also raise up a portion of the deck, to create a seat.

This seems minor, but it makes a substantial difference in the range of exercises you can do. By adding the seat, it becomes a much more functional weight bench than an option that stays flat. With the seat, you can do a wider variety of exercises for your arms, legs, abs, back, and more.

And, like the second options, it’s even got small cutouts in the feet for resistance bands.

That makes it the ideal choice if you’re looking to maximize your home gym. There are very few workouts that you can’t do with just this one piece of equipment.

And it even adds to your storage! When you raise up the deck, it reveals a compartment that’s perfect for small items.

It’s hard to beat that in terms of functionality.

If you want to see this option in action, check out this great review:

However, as with the first option, there are plenty of more affordable, adjustable steppers. Options that are as functional as these ones will be expensive regardless. But options that aren’t from this brand are cheaper, while offering similar benefits.

Which Option is Right for You?

Choosing between the options really comes down to what type of workouts you favor.

If you enjoy cardio, the first option is probably the best. It’s designed with cardio in mind, but it still allows for a variety of other exercises. However, if you do get the itch to try out some new workouts, you’ll still have the necessary equipment.

If you tend to do more strength training things, like calisthenics and plyometrics, the second option is better. It’s got all the necessary features for those workouts, while being affordable.

If you’re more of an omnivore when it comes to workouts, then an adjustable option is the best choice. It’s going to allow for constant variety in your workouts. No matter what you’re in the mood for, it can help facilitate.

Overall, all three options are great for any fitness enthusiast. Try one of these Reebok aerobic stepper options and see what they can add to your workout.

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